Hazlet Democrats | Ideas
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Control municipal spending

Don’t spend more than you take in, don’t borrow more than you pay.  Rules every family lives by. We reject that municipal taxes inevitably go up. When Hazlet Democrat Jim DiNardo served as Mayor, he introduced the first flat municipal budget in living memory. We believe in setting budget priorities. We believe excessive borrowing is reckless. Our record is one of responsibility.


Invest in Hazlet’s infrastructure

Between 2015-2018, the Republican majority on the Township Committee drastically reduced the road maintenance and repair program. While road repairs have increased in 2019, projects like Middle Road were initiated by county, not local government. Good roads and sewer lines are key to protecting our home values. We will redirect resources for a massive road rehabilitation program.  Every neighborhood, every road in need of repair.


Foster a business friendly environment

Businesses provide tax revenue. They are essential to our financial future. The Township Committee should attract commercial business, not more housing developers, to the Route 35 and Route  corridors. Change the culture in Town Hall, replace empty stores, and fully utilize incentives like the Rehabilitation Zone enacted when Hazlet Democrats last held the majority.

garbage pick up

Streamline garbage and recycling collection

Four trucks rolling through a neighborhood in the early morning is unacceptable. What’s more, homeowners are left to negotiate pick up rates on our own. We believe that garbage collection should be negotiated by the township and the bill  transferred to quarterly sewer bills. Instead of one resident, Hazlet will harness the bargaining power of 7,000+ homes and get the best rate for residents.


Support our police, fire, and first aid

This is a no brainer. Hazlet Township is blessed to have the finest first responders in Monmouth County. We honor the men and women who dedicate their time and energy to protecting our community. We are committed to providing them with the support and the tools they need to get the job done right.


Transparent local government

As Hazlet Democrats practiced during our time in the majority on the Township Committee, local government works best when it works in the open. We will not meet privately with developers. We will not reschedule meetings at the last minute to discourage resident participation. Town Hall exists to help citizens, not the other way around.